About Firet Workshop

Our team consists of graphic designers, editors, proofreaders and marketing specialists. We value your opinion and our main goal is to create clear and unique designs. Simply, we are experts in typesetting texts.
We are known for our conscientiousness and ambitious ideas. As a team we take care of every detail, from beginning to end, so our clients can remain calm and don't worry about the creative process. 
We are specialised in typesetting and graphic design. Working for demanding clients with high level requirements isn't a problem, because we are very ambitious and tough on ourselves. Every detail is important to us. Books, magazines, publications and marketing materials designs - constant creating gives us energy. Thanks to our great experience we know how to display your ideas and make them more bright.
Firet Workshop is like well-oiled machine, we enjoy what we do and most of all we know how to do it best. Our team cooperates with Wzór Graphic Design Studio - our goal is perfection, we complete each other for clients' best interest. Our aspiration is to become an authority in our branch. 
We appreciate power of words, but from our perspective they can be complete only with high quality graphic design. That is why we encourage you to check our Portfolio. Make sure that we are the only right choice for you.
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